Fertilizer Options

Solid fertilizer  
Using our own trucks and loading equipment, THL can quote a cart and spread price to simplify the process.

Liquid fertilizer 
There are a wide range of liquid fertilizers available and THL has experience in applying all of these, with the ability of  mixing these products.

Tararua Heliwork introduce Suspension Fertilizer applied with our new Even Spread bucket and TracMap guidance for improved fertilizer and application efficiency.

What is Suspension Fertilizer? Simply, Fertilizer or Lime crushed to less than 100 micron sized particles and then mixed into a suspension in water. In this form, fertilizer nutrients are more available to plants, which results in more growth with less fertilizer. Application has to be performed evenly and as precisely as possible to get the most efficiency and benefit.

  • Increase grass production due to higher fertilizer availability to plants
  • Reduced fertilizer rate - studies say by more than half
  • Reduce fertiliser leaching - less environmental impact
  • Lower fertiliser emissions - no dust or drift or application in unintended areas
  • Increase water use efficiency
The main benefit of Suspension Fertilizer is through improved utilisation of fertilizer nutrient. The crushing of products to very small sized particles allows even application in a suspension form, at a lower rate. This even application enables nutrients, that would have been traditionally lost to the environment, to become more readily available for plant production. The addition of water prevents dust and drift, so fertilizer can be precisely applied exactly where you want it. The significantly reduced application rate means less leaching to the environment. TracMap navigation assures the accuracy of placement and we can provide proof of placement documentation back to you through the on-line Traclink system.

In summary, you need to apply less fertilizer to achieve more growth, providing a better result with significantly less impact on the environment. Combining this efficiency improvement with our new Even Spread bucket and TracMap guidance, ensures precise and even application. Use less - grow more.

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