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You can find more out about safety around helicopters and your obligations regarding spray and fertilizer application in the attached files. Click on the download arrow beside the documents at the bottom of the page to download.

Before the helicopter turns up on your farm, as land owner/manager, you need to take certain actions to fulfil your obligations
  • Notify all neighbours, not less than 8 hours or more than 1 month, before spraying takes place.
  • Prepare a spray plan and present it to the pilot when he arrives on site. Neighbours can request to see your spray plan. See the document below for more detail. Signing up for our free Tracklink service can simplify compliance for you.
  • Follow the chemical manufacturers recommendations.  THL and their staff are Growsafe certified, which assists you to meet other general requirements.
  • Ensure weather conditions will not allow spray to drift outside your property.
  • Advise the pilot of any hazards you may have before he starts work your farm.
  • Make sure wires are pointed out to the pilot and any wires strung across gullies are marked.
  • Putting containers or high viz cones underneath wires to mark them is also good practise.
  • Keep clear of the helicopter until you are asked to approach by the pilot. See the document below for more detail.
You obligations regarding the spraying of agrichemicals is outlined in the Horizons Regional Council Publication Regional Air Plan - Rule 15: Widespread application of agricultural chemicals . The latest version of the RAP is available here

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22 Nov 2013, 20:05
Bill Russell,
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