TracLink is a free service offered to Tararua Heliwork customers, which allows our customers to easily place their spray and fertiliser orders.  TracLink is a quick and simple online process that gives our customer reassurance that the paddocks they highlight on a map will be the ones that get treated. It allows for additional information to be sent to us such as no go zones, hazards, gate locations. This gives the pilot and ground crew valuable information which will make their job much easier and safer. 

Information that you input into TracLink is transferred to the TracMap GPS units in our aircraft, so that our pilots can be guided visually to the correct location. TracMap also records location and provides proof of placement when sprays or fertiliser is applied.  Proof of Placement information is then transferred back to your TracLink account to provide a history of all the orders you have placed in the system. TracLink can also locate hazards, so that contractor health & safety obligations are met.

TracLink is a web application, so you don't need any special software or a certain type of computer.  Windows, Macs, iPads, iPhones or Android Phones - most devices with a web browser and an internet connection can access your information.  Your account is secured with a username and  password, so you can log into your account from anywhere.

For more information contact the Tararua Heliwork team