Tasmanian Grass Grub
There have been recent reports of pasture damage in the region that have been caused by Tasmanian Grass Grub (TGG). Tararua Heliwork can provide an insecticide control program to help you combat this damaging pest.

TGG larvae resemble common New Zealand grass grubs but behaviourally act more like porina, living in burrows and emerging at night to graze on above ground foliage. They feed on most pasture plants, pasture weeds and brassica seedlings but favour legumes including clovers and lucerne. For more info go to AgPest

If you have any concerns regarding the identification of the Tasmanian Grass Grub phone Tararua Heliwork Limited for a consultation.

Tararua Heliwork introduce Suspension Fertilizer applied with our new Even Spread bucket and TracMap guidance for improved fertilizer and application efficiency.

  • Increase extra grass production due to higher fertilizer availability to plants
  • Reduced fertilizer rate
  • Reduce fertiliser leaching - less environmental impact
  • Lower fertiliser emissions - no dust or drift or application in unintended areas
  • Increase water use efficiency

The team at Tararua Heliwork is committed to delivering services that provide great value to our customers. We apply by helicopter a range of agricultural products, fertilizers, sprays and seed. We delivery and extract people and things in difficult locations.
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With two Jet Ranger aircraft, Grade 1 Ag Pilots and the latest GPS systems, we can provide the best service in the Tararua, Manawatu and Wairarapa. Give us a call right now to to ensure you get your spray or fertiliser accurately applied at the right time and in the right place. All our aircraft are now equipped with TracLink. More info about TracLink

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