The team at Tararua Heliwork is committed to delivering services that provide great value to our customers. We apply by helicopter a range of agricultural products - fertilizers, sprays and seed.  We delivery and extract people and things in difficult locations.

Useful information regarding safety around helicopters and compliance requirements for agricultural chemicals can be found here

Fertilizer Application
  • We 
    specialise in spreading all types of fertilizer. 
    What ever your preferred fertilizer option, Tararua Heliwork Ltd has the ability and equipment to apply it professionally.
Fertilizer Options
  • Both target and broad acre with proof of placement on request.  Refer to our TrakLink service for more detail on how you can upload your farm maps, place orders, manage jobs and retrieve your placement records.

Spray Application
  • Us
    ing the latest low drift spray equipment we spray for …
Hill country cropping
Facial eczema
Please note your obligations as land owner/manager when agricultural chemicals are applied

Hill Country Cropping
Thinking about hill country cropping. We can help you with your project for either cropping or as part of a pasture renewal process. Click image to view bigger diagram.

    • Plantain for great drought resistant summer feed crops or
    • Brassica as a feed crop in preparation for pasture renewal

  • We can get you to that remote hunting spot in no time.
Hunting, Fishing, Tramping - whatever your passion
4 passengers and luggage
Concessions for Tararua and Ruahine Ranges
Photography and Movie aerial work
  • Lifting capacity of ½ tonne for transport and placing of fencing materials, tanks or that 4 wheeler that got away.