Tararua Heliwork is ...
  • Locally owned and operated
  • Centrally located with 2 Jet Rangers for prompt service
  • Grade 1 AG Pilots
  • Growsafe accredited Pilots/Ground Crew
  • Chemical Handler Certificate
  • AirCare Certified Operator
  • SpreadMark Certified

Our Certifications:
Tararua Heliwork have worked to gain the following certifications to ensure that our aircraft are flown and maintained to the highest standards, the products we spray and apply are top quality, handled safely and applied to standards that assure our customers the best and most productive usage.
The AIRCARE™ Accreditation Programme is an integrated programme for aviation businesses. It brings flight safety, environmental safety and other safety related functions together in one safety assurance programme. In doing so it rationalises many of the aviation compliance requirements.

AIRCARE™ Elements in a nutshell
There are three principal elements to AIRCARE™
  1. Pilot competency. This is demonstrated by a pilot passing an assessment and therefore qualifying for a certificate for example on a code of practice.
  2. The organisation is required to demonstrate that it has in place the necessary systems and procedures to ensure compliance with relevant legislation and codes of practice.
  3. Organisations are independently audited by a third party to assure compliance.
View our Accreditation Certificate 


Spreadmark is a fertiliser spreading accreditation scheme that registers fertiliser-spreading companies with certified spreading machinery, trained operators and audited quality management systems.

Tararua Heliwork are accredited Aerial Spreaders. There are two components to Aerial Spreadmark:

Testing of the spreading equipment to ensure it meets prescribed standards

Pilot training to ensure the pilot has the skills and knowledge to ensure that fertiliser is applied accurately and in accordance with the Fertiliser Code of Practice